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PIG© provides a wide variety of current pulp & paper market information via short news stories; government and industry-association statistical releases; current import/export statistics for selected grades and countries including quantity and average net FOB prices, weekly China price indices from the Guangdong Pulp & Paper Exchange; other third-party price indices and analysis, (e. g. Brian McClay & Associates Inc. ) and whatever other useful info the partners can develop over time. (Agreements with a variety of sources are now being pursued.

We also have a roster of bank analysts who have agreed to allow Pulp Partners to publish on PIG©, excerpts from their industry research on a periodic basis.

Much of this information is ‘pushed’ to subscribers’ phones or tablets so that they appear automatically on your device’s screen – the same technology used by major content providers such as Bloomberg, WSJ or Reuters – except the info pushed through PIG© is specific to the pulp & paper business.

PIG© also includes a pulp & paper industry event calendar, an industry directory and the capacity to chart and compare basic time series.

Overtime, we plan to create a PIG© ‘forum’, through which questions can be asked and answered, comments on topics of interests can be elicited and informal simple market surveys can be carried out.



Keep in touch with the Pulp & Paper Industry:

Pulp Partners has developed an in-house proprietary search engine to find breaking pulp and paper market news focusing on the business and trade aspects of the global pulp and paper industry rather than on financial performance. Often, Pulp Partners will enhance the value of the news by adding important details and context when possible. However, it is Pulppartners policy to publish only public information.

index_iconPIG© Indices

Track latest price & volume changes of the industry:

Pricing and volume indices published by pulppartners are 100% public data and not changed or interpreted in any way. They are mostly customs statistic and as such are not just samples of activity but a measure of all exports or imports from all producers in a particular country. The price indices are based on the declared value of the pulp or paper for official customs purposes net FOB outgoing port for exports and net CIF arrival port for imports excluding taxes and import fees.

The PIG© indices provide a fair and statistically relevant set of data since total international trade represents approximately 80% of global pulp transactions.

Due to the nature of customs reporting and transfer pricing we may elect for some countries to report import data pricing instead of export data to reflect a more accurate picture of true net-net price transactions.

See industry trends with PIG©’s data graphing capability. Holding your smartphone or tablet horizontally allows you to see graphs of data for periods of as little as six months to as long as five years and you can also chart and compare two time series at once.



upcoming_iconIndustry Events Calendar

Use the ‘calendar’ function to plan for upcoming industry conferences and events:

When your company would like to make an announcement to the market, please let us know at and it will appear on PIG© almost immediately.

direct_iconPulp & Paper Industry Directory

Search “on line” for a specific customer or supplier:

Use the ‘directory’ to search for any company active in the industry and directly place a call or email by clicking on the phone number or the mail address or access company website.